Greek Alphabet Mold from FPC & Cake Deco



Save more time now with the FPC - Cake Deco Silicone Mold with a beautiful Greek Alphabet with all lower case & capital letters and symbols!

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Availability date: 06/12/2020


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New Greek Alphabet Mold from FPC & Cake Deco!

Our New and Exclusive mold with the Greek Alphabet, is a result of our collaboration with FPC Sugarcraft.

Because we are trying to make your life a little easier, we have worked with FPC, which produced this mold with its usual quality materials and design!

The Greek alphabet mold includes all Greek lower and uppercase letters and punctuation marks which are 2.5cm. in height and comes with instructions in Greek.

To work properly with silicone molds, FPC and we recommend the following:

1. Firm up your fondant sugarpaste with CMC / Tylo or choose a tough, flexible sugarpaste like SmartFlex or modeling paste.

2. Coat your mold with a very very thin layer of crisco or other odorless and colorless vegetable fat.

3. Spread your sugarpaste over the mold and rollit open with a small rolling pin.

4. As soon as you work it in well, use a knife with a relatively flexible blade carefully or a palette knife and with an outwards movement from the center of each letter toward its ends remove the extra material so that the only material that remains is inside the letter mold you want to create.

5. Put the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden a bit so that you can remove the paste from the mold easier or alternatively let it out for at least 30 minutes while you are doing something else. (Time measurements are based on our own quality materials, other materials may experience different curing times).

6. Remove the sugarpaste from the mold by turning the mold upside down and lifting the silicone a bit off one of the corners of the letter you want to remove.

7. Continue your decoration faster and more happy than ever because we are here for you :-) !

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