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Browse our really unique sugarpaste selection, carefully selected so you can do every job with the right material without thinking of cracks, smells, colors, quality etc. They are not the cheapest around, but they are definitely the most qualitative.

For a softer, easy to roll sugarpaste, for covering cakes up to 10cm in height or for use with cookies, cupcakes, shape cuts etc and for a wide choice of colors and a truly godly flavor and taste, choose Sugarlicious. A pastry that is actually easy and nice to consume... :-) If you're used to Renshaw then you'll be pleasantly surprised with this one.

For tall cakes, and constructions such as large bows etc, a perfect behavior in the refridgerator for cakes with fillings, for ease in work with silicone molds, choose SmartFlex! With its truly unique formula, it 'forgives mistakes', it is as elastic as they come and even when rolled out very thin it just won't break. Strangely, it also allows you to make incredibly tall constructions because its robustness is unmatched. Available in 2 types Cover for covering and Velvet for covering as well as constructions and really tall cakes. It can seem hard at first, but with just a little kneading or 10 secs in the microwave, the materials reach the optimal temperature and magically it softens up just enough for you to start creating!


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