Shipping & Returns


Shipment of your package


Packages are generally shipped within 2 days of receipt of the payment (excluding weekends) and are sent via the shipping method you have selected. If you want to change your way of shipping please contact us as soon as possible.
Deliveries to Businesses
Our company makes deliveries to businesses in the following ways:

  • Delivery by own Means
  • Transport Companies
  • Courier
  • Store Pickup
Shipping Rule Details:

Orders larger than €50
If you are a business within Athens metro area, we deliver with own means free of charge.
If you are a business outside of Athens metro area anywhere in Greece or neighboring countries, we deliver free of charge to your preferred transport company (within the Athens area). It is your responsibility to talk with the transport company for the final delivery of your transport and payment of the transport.

Orders with a total of over € 25 and up to € 50
If you are a business within Athens metro area, we deliver with own means with a cost of € 5 + VAT,
If you are a business outside of Athens metro area anywhere in Greece or neighboring countries we deliver to your preferred transport company (within the Athens area) at a charge of € 5 + VAT. It is your responsibility to talk with the transport company for the final delivery of your transport and payment of the transport. This service is highly efficient for small orders with bulky products that are expensive to send by courier.
Orders below € 25
Can only be sent by courier (at your own charge) or picked up from our shop or associated sites.
Shipping costs include handling and packing costs as well as postage expense. Transport costs vary depending on the total weight of the shipment. We advise you to bundle your products in one order. We cannot group two separate orders and shipping costs will apply to each of them.

Deliveries to Private Individuals/Residences
Our company delivers to private individuals/residences in the following ways:
  • Courier (2)
  • Transport Company (1) (2)
  • Store Pickup
(1) Some orders may not be of great monetary value but do occupy a large volume and therefore it is not efficient to transport them via the more expensive courier service. To counter this problem our company offers the possibility of taking your shipment to a transport company of your choice in order to reduce the transport costs for your order. This can be done for order with value over € 50 free of charge. For orders worth over € 25 and up to € 50, we deliver to the transport company of your choice for € 5 + VAT. For receipts of less than € 25, shipment can only be done via a courier service or by pick-up from our store or associated stores.
Special terms that are of great interest to you!
  • When your order contains our fragile hand made decorative figures, it is not possible to send them via Courier but only via a transport company where the minimum order value rules above still apply. The reason is that most of the time they will break because Courier Services cannot pay the necessary attention needed for these kind of goods.
  • Edible items cannot be returned for reasons of public hygiene unless it is a defective product or wrong packaging on our part.
  • Our boxes are always suitable for the items they contain and we make sure your products are always packaged and protected in the best possible way. Sometimes, however, problems arise mainly because of the modest quality of Greek transport services in general. In that case we will communicate with you and the transport company to resolve the issue.
  • (2) Free Shipping: Our company offers free shipping for invoices and receipts over €100 and up to the first 5kg of a shipment. The extra weight over 5kg is normally charged to the customer according to the indicated extra kilos pricing policy, shown in the following paragraph.
  • (2) Courier charges are automatically calculated by our system, based on the combination of volumetric and actual weight of your order. We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but due to the large number of products and possible combinations of them, there may sometimes be differences between what we would charge if we calculated shipping costs manually as opposed to the results the system generates. If you do not agree with the amount automatically charged by the system you can choose a different mode of transport instead of Courier and to write us in the comments of your order regarding the transport amount or contact us directly after you make your order. The courier charges are generally caclulated as follows: There is a basic charge of € 2.75 for the 2 first kilograms and then there is a different surcharge per kilogram depending on the area where the products are shipped as follows:

  • Each extra pound is charged to the metropolitan area of ​​Athens €0,8/kg+VAT,
  • for the rest of continental Greece the charge is €0,9/kg+VAT and
  • for the island regions €1/kg+VAT.
  • For deliveries on Saturday there is a surcharge of €2,5+VAT.
  • For deliveries until a specific time of the day there is a surcharge of €3+VAT
  • Difficult to reach, rural areas as declared by the courier (see how below) are charged with an €2,5+VAT extra surcharge per shipment regardless of weight.
  • Finally, the Cash On Delivery (COD) method of payment has an additional surcharge of €1,7+VAT.

  • These charges are automatically calculated and addded by our systems based on your region and your Postal Code. In the case your order falls under the Free Transport offer, if your location is in a difficult to reach/rural area, this extra charge will apply regardless. If you do not want to be charged with this surcharge, you can indicate it in the comments section by writing that you will pickup your order from your nearest Courier station. To see if your address belongs to a difficult to reach/rural area, you can look it up from the link below or call us to let you know: Write your area on the website and you can see the following options if your site is within a rural area or not.
    Ε.Π. means "inside the regular network", so regular charge applies, while
    Α.Π. or Δ.Π. means that the above surcharge of €2,5+VAT applies.
  • ATTENTION: Always open your parcels IN THE PRESENCE of the courier / transporter person. Couriers do not recognize an issue and do not compensate for possible damages if the parcel is not opened in their presence. This term is inviolable for the fair and equitable management of refunds and issues that may arise. This condition applies to all shipments irrespective of the mode of transport. If you do not open your carton/s on receipt, you assume responsibility for the delivered item/s being in good condition.
  • When your order is custom-made, it cannot be canceled and the deposit cannot be refunded.


Product returns are permitted under the following terms and conditions:

You must ALWAYS open your packages in the presence of the Courier / Carrier person BEFORE signing the shipment receipt. From the moment you sign the receipt of the package, it ceases to be our responsibility or that of our Courier partner.

If you open the package in the presence of the Courier and the content is damaged or partially damaged you MUST NOT receive your package if you do not wish to. Please contact us as soon as possible.

If you did accept the package but wish to make a return because you do not wish to keep a product or have made a mistake in ordering, then:

• The item must not be edible (except in the case of damage by evidently wrong packaging on our part or a problem with the quality of the actual product). Edible items are NOT returned due to reasons of public hygiene.

• The item must be in its original packaging which must be in perfect condition.

If return is to be made by Courier or Cargo:

• Contact us for your return. We can arrange the transfer which is paid by you to the Courier or to a bank. Else you can arrange the shipment.

• You pay a change fee of €5+VAT

If the change is done in our store, there is no charge.

• We examine the product when it arrives to us.

• If it is in the proper condition we refund your money minus any charges or exchange it with other products of your choice.

• For various items such as airbrush compressors, printers, mixers, etc. which we only resell, the item is covered by its warranty according to the policy of the respective Manufacturer. You may wish us to mediate in the warranty process with the Manufacturer and we do this free of charge for items purchased by us, but our responsibility does not change with regard to the warranty terms for which the Manufacturer is solely responsible.