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List of products by brand Fractal Colors

From gels to powders, uniquely beautiful fat soluble colors, perfect tastes and material for candy floss, Fractal has it all and at affordable prices!

Fractal Colors is one of the few EU based companies that produces highly efficient edible colors of all types that are packed in professional and modern retail packaging, have a huge palette offering, are fully compliant with EU law, thus making your work as a pastry chef easier when selecting a partner for your operation!

Fractal Colors offers the following ranges of products:

  • the Full Fill Gel water based series, that are concentrated gels for everyday use with the largest variety of colors available. They mix easily into creams and pastes since their more liquid format is easily mixed in to your preparations. 
  • The Eurodust Petal Dust powders with their truly huge palette offering and great versatility are an extreme ally for almost all your needs. Just mix them with alcohol to paint, use as is to color pastes (!), use to color chocolates!
  • The Supearl lustre dust powders series that offer a great finish to your most important creations from wedding Cakes to modern chocolates and much more! 
  • The uniquely beautiful oil based Superioil super-concentrated liquid chocolate colors, offer a way to quickly and easily color any oil based mixture with great looking pal/pastel colors.
  • The Funtasty flavors that are dust based amazing concentrated flavors that do not affect the texture of your pastry and are soluble within any material (oil, water, and alcohol)
  • The amazing Calligra Pens with their ultra thin nose that allows you to paint in more detail than eve possible!
  • The Fluffini candy floss that come in a huge variety of colors and tastes that are ready-to-use, no need for mixing up flavors, colors etc.

Fractal Colors has it all and at affordable prices!

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