Icing Cookies with Easter Designs Decoration Seminar II

Published : 02/23/2020 19:17:04
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Icing Cookies Decoration Seminar

Easter Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing ΙΙ


An all new cookies decoration Seminar aimed at those who want to learn a step by step method to decorate Cookies with Royal Icing, learning and using various techniques.

Your instructor Lenka packed this beautiful Easter designs seminar with a ton of new and old techniques from her vast seminar experience! 

Previous experience in cookies decoration is not required, as during the seminar you will receive all the necessary knowledge and way more!!!


You will create beautiful Easter designs with cookies like those in the photos and learn:

  • Lenka's recipe for scrumptious Cookies
  • Lenka's favorite recipe for royal icing and its execution
  • The different ways of coloring icing
  • The viscocity that we use depending on the technique used to decorate
  • How to Pipe with a nozzle and bag
  • How to make Cookie pops on a stick
  • Main techniques for working with Royal Icing (Piping, Flood, Line & Flood)
  • Various Wet on Wet techniques
  • How to achieve a glossy and even glaze on your cookies
  • How to transfer a drawing onto a cookie
  • The use of colored sugar in icing
  • Technique for the creation of fur effect
  • Small flower creation technique
  • Creating leaves
  • Painting on icing
  • How to add details through painting on to your designs
  • Writing on cookies
  • Drawings for different eyes and faces
  • The use of sprinkles on cookies
  • How to fix various problems with icing

    Seminar Dates

    Saturday March 14th 2020


 1 day (7 hrs)





Seminar Coordinator:

Lenka (Sweet Dreams)

     Seminar Cost

      105 per person (plus Vat 24%)

      Bank Deposit Code: LEACII20A + your name

A downpayment of 50% of the seminar fees in one of the bank accounts below is required in order to finally reserve your spot after you email us and we verify your reservation :


       Piraeus Bank:
Account No.: 6916 1470 28900

       IBAN: GR860 1719 16000 6916 1470 28900 

       National Bank of Greece:
Account No.: 181 004 65584
       IBAN: GR0801 1018 100000 18100 465584

Account No.: 0026.0175.44.0200.980070
       IBAN: GR070 2601 750000 440200 980070

      Alpha Bank:
Account No.: 15400 2320 016814

      IBAN: GR1601 4015 4015 400 232 001 6814


     Other Info

  • All the materials (colors, pastes, biscuits, glaze, tools, etc.) of the seminar are provided by us
  • We provide you with all the necessary equipment
  • During the 2 breaks, coffee, light meals and soft drinks / water are provided

  For Resevations please call +30 2120 00 2120 or send your email to sales@cakedeco.gr


For More Information on our Seminars press HERE


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